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My Code of Ethics:

1. Always be honest: with my subjects, with my sources, with my editors, with my readers, and with myself.
2. Always be accountable: the repercussions of my actions rest on my shoulders, and mine alone.
3. Always make time: for the people without a voice or the people vociferous, everyone deserves to be heard.
4. Always be open-minded: sometimes the least likely scenario is exactly what happened.
5. Always be skeptical: being easily convinced is the same as being gullible.
6. Always be searching: for other sides, for other voices, for other details.
7. Always stand up: against those who would silence me as well as those who would put words in my mouth.
8. Always be original: aping the ideas and styles of other writers is lazy and redundant.
9. Always be fair: never discriminate, stereotype, or assume.
10. Always be sensitive: to the people my stories affect and the effect my stories have on society.

My Code of Ethics: Text
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